Manya B. Helman MD
Covid letter 2

Hello, Everyone,
I hope you are all well, and doing OK staying at home. We will be staffing the office on the same days, with Em working from home on Tues and Thurs, and Marcus working from home Mon and Wed. Simon will work at home on Wed. We will try to minimize in office visits for the next 2 week period.
Telephone visits /telemedicine/video conferencing seems to be a good option. I’m finding that we can get a lot done!

Please be very nice and supportive of your Pharmacists. They are working very hard, and are front line in terms of risk. Some have shifted already to mail delivery. Others are looking at telephone counseling and drive through pickups.

The key for us is to keep the hospital from being flooded by non urgent visits. Please do not hesitate to phone/text/ SMSmessage ETC me if you need information, advice.

The next email will be sent tomorrow, and will be about the status of testing locally and nationally, and about medications etc that have promise at the various stages of prevention and treatment for the corona virus.

Best regards,
Manya Helman MD