So, what is DPC? DPC stands for Direct Primary Care, and in a nutshell, it is a membership based practice. It is a way to manage costs related to medical care in which the patient pays one simple fee per month.
It is the biggest present box you can imagine!
Possibly the best idea humans have come up with since….fill in what ever you want!
Why? I will give you an example from a recent day in clinic.
It was a Sunday, itself a miracle because people who are working all week who would be stressed to have a doctor’s appointment can come in/ have a telemedicine visit in a relaxed manner.  I can do this because I can set the hours to be best for both me, staff and patients.
He wanted to do the antibody test for the Covid19 virus disease. Without muss or fuss, he was able to do the test:  a finger stick, and got his results in 10 min. We could discuss in detail how he would use the results in his life, work and home. I was able to learn about the FDA approved test through the networking group that DPC docs have made.
Several #DPCforthewin everyday miracles were involved. First, the initial price was  $25 for members, $35 for non members. (Wholesale $10/test). Because the test turned out to be so easy (if inelegant), we had just lowered the cost to make it even more accessible for patients and their friends. To his delight, the test cost all of $15!
To polish off the day of simple miracles, he was also able to address a rash, which had bothered for 2 weeks, without having to make another appoint ment or take time off work, discuss quitting smoking, and other health issues. When he went to pay for the extra visit, he was told he owed nothing, it was simply part of his membership.
#DPC for the win.