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We are a general family medicine practice and welcome patients of all ages, backgrounds and needs. Our focus is on helping you, the patient, to keep and add to your good health, and regain and restore your health from illness if necessary. We are interested in working with you to achieve your dreams. Whether your goal is to live to 120, to lose 20 lbs, to manage diabetes, to live well with chronic pain with minimal or no medication, or to recover from various addictions we are here to help you be your best self.

Our practice follows a direct primary care (DPC) model, which is an optimal structure for patients to manage the costs of office based care. Direct primary care is not insurance, and does not substitute for Hospital or Major Medical Coverage. We strongly encourage patients to combine a DPC plan with their regular insurance program, which should have a major medical or catastrophic component that will be in effect in the event of an emergency or serious illness. Any services required, which falls outside of what a membership at this office includes, will be the patients responsibility.



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