Manya B. Helman MD
Covid letter 5

Dear all,
I hope that this letter finds you well, and that you’ve found nice routines for this period of handling the Corona virus.
Clinic routine is: Em working from home Tues/Thurs, in office working Mon/Wed every other Sun. Simon, Marcus in office Tues/Thurs, Keddy in the afternoon.
I have no thoughts on when this will end; the best way I can see this period is that it will help us prepare from similar or worse pandemics in the future. The world is so connected now that new variations of viruses and bacteria can spread more quickly. I hope that we are better prepared in the future.
I am still looking for the best test kit. Something to know about testing is that the quality of resulte will depend on the prevalence of the disease in the community. A test can be very sensitive, detecting 98% of true positives, but if the disease is very rare, then most of the positive tests will be false positives. How to know the prevalence around here? Would have to test to find out. When I’ve found the best test, I will have a counseling sheet to that you can understand what the results mean.
Best regards, Manya Helman MD
April 06, 2020