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I was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the daughter of a physicist and a mathematician. Our family lived in in NYC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Oak Ridge national Lab), Lexington, MA (Cambridge Electron Accelerator), finally settling in Port Jefferson, NY (Brookhaven National Lab).  I studied Biochemistry at Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges and was privileged to study Medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, receiving my M.D. in 1981. My residency training was at the Oregon Health Sciences University in the amazing department of Family Medicine.

It was from this background that I derive my grounding in both the scientific roots of medicine, and in the commitment to apply this science to the benefit of patients in real life in real time. However abstract was my Dad’s research (his work was in high-energy experimental physics), he constantly stressed that science must ultimately have a practical purpose; it must make human life better. This was the philosophy at CWRU School of Medicine, and was central to the thinking in the Department of Family Medicine at OHSU, where the faculty emphasized the responsibility of a family physician to the needs of their community.


Since 1981

In my community, as I see it, the main need is for understanding of addiction and its treatment, along with understanding of what constitutes true wellness and how to help patients attain it. So, for the past years, I have been focused on the study of both addiction and wellness medicine.  I became ‘waivered’ in 2009 to prescribe suboxone as part of ‘Office Based Treatment for Opioid Dependence, and sought the additional education needed to become certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine in 2012. In the interim, I served as the Medical Director for the Marion County Methadone Clinic as well as the Willamette Valley Treatment Center, both in Salem, and continue to serve as the Medical Director for Pacific Ridge Residential Recovery Center in Jefferson, Oregon. I currently serve as the Secretary for the Oregon Society for Addiction Medicine.  My most recent continuing education has been through the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.

I am married (34 years!) with three reasonably pleasant grown children, who are off on their own adventures. My husband and I live in Silverton with our cat and Golden Retriever. I enjoy gardening, the gym and learning the violin.

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