Curriculum of Addiction Recovery

Phase I

  • 24 sessions total
  • 1 educational session per week + 1 process group per week. Focus on 1st step.
  • 12 week educational curriculum
  • Treatment progress review 90 days from start date
  • Patients graduate to Phase II after 24 sessions with sustained abstinence


Phase II

  • 6 months with treatment plan review by primary counselor every 90 days. 24 sessions.
  • Once weekly¬† process group sessions with focus on relapse prevention
  • Patients graduate to Phase III with sustained abstinence for 6 months and good treatment progress

Phase III

  • 6 months to 1 year
  • Bi-monthly or monthly 1:1 sessions CADC (depending on patient’s need and treatment progress)
  • Patient can be placed back to Phase I-II with relapse episodes as needed