Brain Health

In this area of the website we will put information, links, videos, and access for programs that we are affiliated with concerning healing, improving, restoring and generally supporting the health of the brain. Some of the content is for anyone interested and visiting the site, and some is for members of the direct primary care practice. You’ll notice that discussion of foods and nutrients, exercises and care of your body will overlap here…it turns out to be impossible to separate helping the mind from helping the body…and vice versa

Amen Clinics

The Amen Clinics were established by Dr. Daniel Amen MD, a psychiatrist who has pioneered the use of SPECT imaging to understand brain function.  The most active areas of brain and body will be using the most  oxygen. SPECT is a nuclear medicine technique in which the blood is labelled briefly with a radioactive substance, allowing imaging of the areas of brain and/or body that are the most active. He has accumulated over 100,000 SPECT images and correlated them with the patients clinical situation. He was able to show that diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, dementia, and addiction were actually more complex, with a number of subtypes defined by different appearance on the SPECT scan. This opened up the possibility of more tailored treatments and therapies. The Amen Clinic website has a wealth of information (free) and we have included a link to this site here. We have been affiliated with the Amen Clinics for over 6 years and have found this approach helpful to our patients as they strengthen and restore the health of their brains.

Food for Brain Health