March 16: transition to telemedicine

Manya B. Helman MD
Corona virus

Hello everyone,
I want to tell you about what we’ll be doing to minimize the risk to all of us from the Corona virus. For the next month, we’ll be mainly using telephone or video chat visits (“Telemedicine”, “Telecounseling”). Any needed prescriptions will be phoned or faxed, or, if needed, picked up at the office. We are currently near completing arrangements to be able to electronically fax prescriptions as well.

For some patients, the service provided by Cordant Pharmacy may be of value: this pharmacy has its office at the Portland Airport, and can accept electronic prescriptions. They will then courrier medications to the patient at no extra cost. If you are interested in exploring this option, please phone or contact them as follows:

Cordant Pharmacy: email :
phone: 425-820-1030Last but not least, PLEASE watch the following video! It has very helpful information about understanding and responding to the Corona virus (Covid 19, SARS2 Corona virus) from Dr Zubin Demaniya MD, otherwise known as ZDoggMD. He is a Stanford trained internist who is very good at explaining medical issues. His YouTube name is ZDogg (and he calls his listeners the ZPack…) Watch it FOUR TIMES!

COVID-19 Medical Update March 16 | With Dr. Zubin Damania (AKA ZDoggMD)