January 27, 2021!

Hello, Everyone, I finally have great news! Following are links to information from a group of critical care physicians called the “Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance”. They have demonstrated that the tried and safe drug IVERMECTIN is very effective in stopping the SARS-cov2 virus that causes Covid19.
Their website is:

It was this group of specialists who discovered that giving corticosteroid (dexamethasone or methylprednisolone) to patients in the intensive care unit helped save lives. The key is that giving dexamethadone (DECADRON) early in the disease is also key.

The overall information on ivermectin and managing Covid19 is on the www.covid19criticalcare.com website. I imagine that many of you will want to explore the summaries, videos and information here, and this is a good link to share with family and friends. For those who want the essential information first, here is a link to a video from Dr Pierre Kory MD:
In this video he is explaining the evidence for use of ivermectin at a Grand Rounds setting with his Italian colleagues.

Letter 13 will explain IVERMECTIN and DECADRON availability in clinic!!
With best regards,
Dr Helman