Manya B. Helman MD

Hello, everyone,
I hope you are all well.
As of today, testing for the virus is still not practical at the level of clinic…Simon will keep checking, but as of now, the test from Quest requires a first test to rule out influenza. I can’t see putting people through two nasopharyngeal swabs, and these would put the tester at risk as well without adequate protective equipment, which is in short supply. It would not really change what we did: if you are sick, meaning short of breath, fever, cough, call me or Simon. We will either decide that it is OK for you to stay home, or sick enough to potentially need hospital admission to support breathing.

There isn’t anything in between because we do not yet have medication to treat, prevent or mitigate the disease. So far, there are several medications that show promise:
hydroxychloroquine – an antimalarial drug
also used for lupus and other autoimmune
indomethacin – one study from Univ of
Rome in cultured human lung epithelial cells
showed a thousand fold reduction in virus.
azithromycin – aka ‘Zpak’ used with
hydroxychloroquine in a study from France
showed a dramatic decrease in morbidity
These are not recommended at this point for non sick people; I’ll keep you posted.
Zinc at 50 mg may be helpful; this is the dose in the ‘GAD Enhancer’.

Clinic seems to be running fine with the telemedicine visits. Simon got the electronic prescribing working today, which is indescribably helpful. Has taken 3 months to work out. Em did her first work from home day today, which went beautifully. Keddy and Marcus are focused on keeping patients in recovery safe- if you are in the medication assisted treatment program (MAT) you’ll be getting phone calls and emails/texts. There are now zoom 12 step calls!

If you have worries or symptoms, please call!
Best regards,
Manya Helman MD
Delivery date:
March 24, 2020