Manya B. Helman MD
Covid letter 4

Hello, Everyone,
We hope all of you are well. Here is the news of the day and the week:
telephone and video conference calls seem to be going well. The key to using Atlas for video calls is for both of us to use Chrome (Firefox could work as well). Em will be asking you whether you’d like a video conference and if so, if you have Chrome. Facetime would also work. The govt has loosened rules about what sorts of communication methods are OK for medical use (privacy concerns). Still, I’m also looking into Zoom.
With regard to testing, Confirm Biosciences has a test for antibodies to the virus, which would be present if you’d had the illness and recovered with immunity. The test uses a finger prick drop of blood. The wholesale cost is $9 per test. The only problem is that their minimum order is 100 tests. It would be helpful to know how much interest there would be in our getting these tests- email back, let us know. Friends and family could also be tested.
No new news about treatment/prevention medications. See last letter.
Social distancing, staying 6 feet away really does help. Getting outside when its sunny truly can lift our spirits.
Best regards,
Manya Helman MD, Em, Simon RN, Keddy and Marcus CADC’s
Delivery date:
March 31, 2020