Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)? 

DPC is a business model that allows the medical doctor to provide direct care to their patients; without restrictions insurance companies tend to impose on an office visit.

  • Does this office bill insurance? 

No, eliminating insurance billing is how we keeps our costs low and allow patients to have an adequate amount of time with the medical doctor.

  • I have insurance can I be reimbursed for payments made to Dr. Helman’s office? 

Patients will be provided receipts for every payment. Patient must contact their own insurance company to determine if reimbursement is an option for them.

  • Is a membership insurance? 

No, a DPC membership is not insurance, and does not substitute for Hospital or Major Medical Coverage.

  • Are there contract commitments? Can I cancel my membership?

Members are not required to sign a contract for a specific period of time. Memberships are ongoing and must be paid ongoing in order to retain membership. If a patient signs up for a membership and pays for the first month Dr. Helman assumes responsibility for the patient even if they do not choose to use the services provided. No refund will be issued to the patient as Dr. Helman will continue to be available for the patient on an emergency basis for 30 days after the patient chooses to leave the practice. If a patient signs up for a membership and pays for the first month and chooses to use our services but then decides halfway through the month to leave the practice, again, no prorated refund will be issued. Cancellation of a membership after the first month requires a 30 day notice.

  • How do I rejoin?

Patients may rejoin the practice, but before restarting a membership there will be a re-enrollment fee of $150.00 per member.

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